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Why is now the best time for Wempler to exist?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

What is your company doing?

We developed a p2p digital platform, Wempler, where delegation of tasks becomes possible. This App/Web Platform is for people who want to hand over their tasks, as for people who want to earn with their time and skills.

We created a platform where anyone can find a helper for any kind of task. Simultaneously a marketplace for anyone to provide a service and monetize their time.

Why is now the best time for your startup to exist?

Today, from the economic point of view, the situation in the world is very difficult. Against this difficult economic background, the GIG economy and service sharing culture have taken off in several countries around the world. Also today, as the pace of life is faster than ever, people have less and less time each day to complete their daily tasks. And that's when we created Wempler. A platform that allows you to outsource any of your one-off tasks to someone more qualified, while you become a task-doer, you can match and complete others tasks, and turn your skills and free time into a source of income.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

My main motivation is my company. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I have Wempler in my head, and it lasts all day, night, month and years. My every morning starts with a dream that in a few years I will arrive at 9 AM in the huge building, where there will be more than 1000 employees, and on the highest point of the building, Wempler is written. That is my motivation and fuel.

Tell us what is the best and worst thing about being a startup founder?

I want to tell you that founding a startup probably has more disadvantages than pluses at the initial stage. It's hard for me to single out, but perhaps the biggest downside of starting a startup is constant stress, constant competition, and zero time for anything that isn't related to your startup. The biggest advantage, in my opinion, is the opportunity to make people's lives easier with the means you create and think of. A startup is like a child, and when it grows into a person of merit, that is the greatest pleasure.

What fuels your team?

The main source of energy for me and my team is the desire to make life easier for people. This is the principle on which Wempler was founded and on which our entire company stands today. We are happy to be able to make life easier for hundreds of people every day with our product.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My main inspiration is probably my family and closest friends. First of all, my mother. My mother, who is the epitome of perseverance and resilience. It is from her that I get as much energy every day as it takes to establish a startup, build it and turn it into a successful company.

Who is your favourite investor? and why?

It's a difficult question, I have several names in mind, including Georgians, but let's be simple and say Kevin O'Leary. I like how he can correctly evaluate the company, I like his self-assessment, which is reflected in the offers with startups. It is also worth noting its riskiness, which is the main factor and skill in the startup ecosystem.

If you were an investor, who would you invest in?

It's a very simple question. Payze, Theneo. why? Because they are rockets

Your favourite Georgian start-up and why so?

Pulsar AI. They created a world-class product that has not lost its relevance to this day and is flying to this day. They were the first ones who were able to turn a Georgian startup into a global company. I also have to single out Phubber, which is going at the same speed and will soon repeat at least similar results.

What would you change if you had a magic wand in your daily life?

I would throw out all the thoughts, all the temptations, all the issues from my head that do not concern my company. And I would give myself complete freedom in the thoughts and ideas of Wempler.

Sandro Tavkhelidze

CEO & Co-Founder at Wempler

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