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What inspires Biliki team

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

What is your company doing?

Biliki - a mobile marketplace that lets users create and sell itineraries.

Why is now the best time for your startup to exist?

The startup ecosystem is developing in Georgia, people have more understanding of what a startup actually is about. We believe that creating a travel marketplace that enables users to create and sell their own itineraries is a unique and game-changer in the global tourism industry. Despite covid-19 tourism is recovering and the global tourism market is increasing. We believe that this is the time when Biliki should exist.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Doing a startup that helps people to get better experience in traveling.

Tell us what is the best and worst thing about being a startup founder?

The best thing about being a startup founder is understanding that you create something that gives value to people. I founded a startup with my brother. Doing a startup with your brother it’s super cool, cause when it comes to ups and downs we help each other to tackle every challenge. Also, you don’t work for somebody and you don’t do some stuff that it’s absolutely useless for your future development. Besides, it’s exciting having an opportunity to share my experience with early-stage startups and give some tips that we have passed so far.

The worst thing, I think, is in psychology. Somebody can think that the greatest cost of having a startup is staffing, capital, competition, etc, but it's actually the emotional cost that it takes. The mentality is important for a founder. We all know that the way of a startup is not always sunny and bright, we should be ready for any disappointments. We are a startup that faced 25 losses in 2020 and we are still alive because these losses helped us to understand what success is actually about. Working on yourself is one of the main things to do when we wake up in the morning.

To recap, this is the best thing I have ever done in my life so far.

What fuels your team?

Bilikis CO-founders Tornike & Giorgi Tsiramua

The value and mission of why we are doing this. We believe that, by creating Biliki App, we help people to improve their experience and help local SMEs to be more visible. We believe that with Biliki we can make Georgia more famous around the world as a good journey and technological destination.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We used to read a lot of literature and articles, listen to podcasts or do some online courses on entrepreneurship, and startup, meet with people and get some experiences that helps us to boost our minds. Besides, skiing is one of the best things for inspiration and to refresh our minds and push ourselves to success.

Who is your favorite investor? and why?

Investing is not only about money, it’s also about knowledge investments, so luckily we’ve got a mentor and advisor,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Go Beyond

Briggite Bauman is listed as one of the most influential women entrepreneurs in Europe. She boosts our minds as an entrepreneur and helps us to deliver our products to the market in a proper way.

If you were an investor, who would you invest in?


Your favorite Georgian start-up and why so?

StartupGeorgias member

Payze created an innovative payment solution and helps businesses to make payments in a flexible manner. That’s why we decided to integrate Payze into our app. They have a great team who are good examples for us. They are the first members of YC from Georgian startups, who put Georgia on one of the biggest accelerator’s maps.

What would you change if you had a magic wand in your daily life?

Biliki would get an investment that will assist the rapid increase of the product and market expansion

Tornike Tsiramua

CO-founder at Biliki

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