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Join our initiative if you're a startup support organization looking to develop the ecosystem, or become a community member if you're a Georgian startup aiming to grow.

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What we do

Elevating Georgian startups onto global stages. Empowering the startup mindset and boosting visibility within our local ecosystem.


Empowering through education. Providing cutting-edge entrepreneurial opportunities for students and educators alike.


Unlock exclusive benefits and insider access to opportunities offered by our partners. Stay ahead with our membership, ensuring you're always in the loop.


Ecosystem development

Fueling our ecosystem's growth, we connect visionaries with resources, forging new paths for collaboration and innovation. From immersive boot camps to dynamic accelerators, our events are catalysts for ideas to flourish and talents to shine.

At the forefront of innovation

The Georgian startup community has compiled data about the Georgian startup scene, including all investments, funding, failures, and exits of Georgian tech startups. Through this information, we aim to present a reliable picture of the Georgian startup landscape and offer you the opportunity to follow its progress.

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Join our Community,
As startup or a traditional business, across all sectors — from B2B, B2C, B2B2C, to Marketplace or a niche industry, whether you are:
Idea stage
Join our community to refine your concept and test major assumptions alongside fellow innovators
Prototype ready
Benefit from peer feedback, expert insights, and resources to fine-tune functionality and validate your ideas.
Revenue stage
Explore tailored resources and networking opportunities to optimize revenue streams.
Scaling up
access growth-focused workshops, and leverage valuable insights to expand your business and enter new markets.
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