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GIFs with SOUNDS Web, App & API for Messengers, allowing users to share moments from popular Movies & TV Shows while messaging.


We've created GIFs with SOUNDS Web, App & API for Messengers and worlds one of the first "Intent-Based brand marketing" tools for advertisers.

With hundreds of thousands of < 10-second popular clips from Movies & TV Shows in the library, KIKLIKO is allowing people to react and express their emotions while Messaging in the most engaging and fun way possible.

On the other hand, using our tool Advertisers can attach their Creative content to any intent, for example: When a user searches "I am hungry", Sponsored GIF with a SOUND of Mcdonald's might show up.

After we integrate KIKLIKO into the most popular Messaging Platforms, we will be adding "Video Memes" functionality, that will allow people to create/edit short funny videos on our Website & Mobile Applications, with the help of of the KIKLIKO's library. On the other hand, our Website & App will become a great place for people to scroll through those Video Memes and have fun.

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