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Simple Invoicing And Financial Tools


Kernel is a platform for simple invoicing and digital financial instruments. Currently, we are represented in the Georgian, local market, as well as in two developing countries, the Philippines and India. OurYour goal is to capture the global markets of the developing world and establish it as the most intuitive platform for financial management.

Currently, Kernel's main product internationally is a digital invoicing platform that allows users to subscribe to invoices, send them to clients, or download documents in PDF format in seconds. OurYour digital product is integrated with, which means that invoices can be uploaded to the site with the click of a button. With the help of the kernel, customers can control revenue flow more effectively. Users can download a repertoire that includes the information needed for accountants in full or add different members to their company accounts, allowing for real-time collaboration.

In addition, the Kernel team has created a digital salary management system for the Georgian market, which allows customers to easily manage employee salaries in one space and upload information to with one click.

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