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Elven Technologies

Builds high-tech products for the PPE market with innovative space suit tech

Elven Technologies

Our goal at Elven is to build a Space Suit 2.0. To achieve this, we plan to innovate core space suit technologies, and use them to create superior high-tech PPE products along the way.

We've built the world's first flameproof firefighter suit (turnout gear), which offers 10x longer protection in emergency/flashover situations, meaning 10x higher chance of survival, while the weight and the price are the same as current best uniforms on the market.
We've also built a wearable prototype of the active cooling system that allows firefighters to withstand direct flame for at least 10 minutes. (200x longer than current uniforms).

Our products allow firefighters to feel safe and enter burning buildings to save lives as a first priority. Currently they need to extinguish flames first, to make sure it's safe for them to move forward, losing precious time.

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