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What gives motivation to the Elven Technologies team

What is your company doing?

We’re revolutionizing the industry with high-tech solutions.

Why is now the best time for your startup to exist?

The covid-19 pandemic has proved that our personal protective equipment (PPE) is not ready for the challenges to come. Elven is creating high-tech protective solutions to enable people who work in hostile environments to feel safe and protected. We save lives with science and technology.

On the other hand, humanity is getting ready for the biggest step in our history - the journey to Mars. The red planet is the most hostile environment human beings have ever encountered. Building a modern spacesuit with such protective capabilities is a huge challenge. No private entity in the world is addressing this issue, and governmental entities like NASA have failed drastically in this task while spending billions of dollars. We founded Elven to be the pioneer in the commercial spacesuit industry.

In our present day, more than 10 non-astronaut humans have already traveled to space. Space tourism is expected to become a $1T market in the next 20 years. And we’ll be there with the only commercially available space suits on the market.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

A squirrel knocked on my window.

Tell us what is the best and worst thing about being a startup founder?

Being a startup founder :D

Building and leading a startup comes with big responsibilities and huge ups and downs. Every Up is the best and every Down is the worst.

Elven Technologies team

What fuels your team?

Every founder is an ambassador of science and technology. Two of us are ex-medical doctors. We value human and other biological life, with complete understanding and sheer excitement of the biology, chemistry, and physics behind it all.

When you realize you live for a minuscule limited time on a fine speck of dust, a pale blue dot in the vastly dark universe, then you only have to decide how you use that time. We believe that saving lives and advancing the human race forward is a good enough way to use it.

where do you find your inspiration?

We find inspiration in the world around us and the whole amazing world of science behind it.

Who is your favorite investor? and why?

We love all our investors :)

If you were an investor who would you invest in?

In people who have a clear vision, and are dedicated enough to bet their game on it. In the end, those are the type of people who truly get great things done, and pull the human race forward.

Your favorite Georgian start-up and why so?

Biochimpharm - because we believe they can completely disrupt the antibiotic industry and revolutionise the way whole humanity treats infections, basically advancing us to the next stage of human (and other biological beings) disease management.

If you had a magic wand what would you change in your daily life?

Magic wands are for bigger purposes, and generally don’t exist. In daily life, move your ass and get shit done :)

Vamekh Kherkheulidze

CO-founder of Elven Technologies

Photo by GIZ / C4D, Tamuna Korakhashvili

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