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Co-Founders Meetup


Episode Hotel, Tbilisi

June 18-29, 12:00 AM GMT +4

Why Co-Founders Meetup?

We invite you to the co-founder matching event where you can connect with like-minded individuals who are ready to innovate with you. This two-day event is an excellent opportunity to network and find a partner with complementary skills, compatible personality, and similar goals for building a high-performing startup.

Who For?

If you are a local Student:

*launching or considering launching a tech startup

*looking for a co-founder or curious about co-founder relationships

*with no multimillion-dollar business idea but the desire and motivation to co-found a tech startup


If you are a Ukrainian Techie:


*currently residing in Georgia

*willing to integrate into the local startup community and network with local Startup Founders


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