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  1. I’m seeking an investor for a value added organic grassfed enterprise that will use dual purpose Red Devon grass genetics for a cow – calf operation that will produce gourmet beef and high margin Artisanal aged cheese.The cheese alone will gross about $32,340 per cow per year ,or $1,940,440 per year,per 60 cows.In the 2nd year of operation it will gross about $242,550,3rd. year,$485,000,4th. year$743,820,5th. year-$970,200,6th. year$1,358,280,7th. year $1,843,380.This does not count the yearly male calves.$250,000 will by the land,water well drilling rig and irrigation and the other equipment and breeding stock.I have over 10 years experience processing this food product.Its legal to make and distribute accross state lines as long as its aged for 60 days.Business plan on request.(Atlanta is my primary market)Dclaycomb1@gmail.com

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